Anthony  Kusalik

Ian McQuillan


Kirstin Bett

Mik Bickis

Jo-Anne Dillon

Nate Osgood

Isobel Parkin

Chris Soteros

Fangxiang Wu

Barry Ziola

Troy Harkness

Scott Napper

Philip Griebel

Andrew Sharpe

Brian Eames

Chris Eskiw

Graduate Students

All graduate students have had scholarships/fellowships/employment, with certain prestigious scholarships noted below.

Lingling Jin

Sowgat Mahmud

Farhad Maleki (U Saskatchewan CGSR Dean's Scholarship,

Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship)

Nazifa Khan

Kimberly MacKay (Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship,

NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship (Master's))

Daniel Hogan (NSERC Canada Graduate Scholarship (Master's),

U Saskatchewan CGSR Dean's Scholarship, NSERC Postgraduate Scholarship (Doctoral))

Bryn Ready

Miles Buchwaldt

Katie Ovens (U Saskatchewan CGSR Dean's Scholarship)